Artist Vs. Artist: Charlie Hilton of Blouse Interviews Dee Dee of Dum Dum Girls

We asked Charlie Hilton of Blouse to interview Dee Dee of Dum Dum Girls. Below are the results!

Charlie: The beach or the forest?
Dee Dee: They coexist in Big Sur.

C: Sunrise or sunset?
DD: It really depends. Sometimes dusk is such a perfect moment, but often times after a very very full and late night, seeing the sunrise is the most blissful.

C: What color are your sheets?
DD: Black (satin) of course.

C: What’s the name of your favorite lipstick?
DD: “Lady Danger” – a fantastic orange-red that is the closest to my absolute favorite which was an old tube of my grandmother’s…I suppose I inherited it?

C: If you had to make a purchase in a New Age bookstore, what would you buy?
DD: I shop at a place in the East Village called Enchantments for the best incense in the world.

C: Were you ever in a school play?
DD: I did musicals in high school, but never excelled beyond the chorus line. Was a bit of a late bloomer.

C: Would you consider living on a boat?
DD: For a month maximum. I love the water and the tranquillity found in it, but I need streets to stomp.

C: How old we’re you when you wrote your first song?
DD: Four?

C: What was it about?
DD: It was about angels; I found a cassette recording of it when I clean out my closet in high school. My mother was near-obsessed with recording us as kids, so there are hours of strange conversations, singalongs, storybook hours, etc. Once at the breakfast table we caught my neighbor’s car accident on tape.

C: Who was the first person to hear it?
DD: Don’t think anyone heard that one. If we’re talking actual songwriting, it really did start primarily with Dum Dum Girls, and my husband Brandon was the first to hear anything. The song was about how much he liked to sleep.

C: Did you every perform it anywhere?
DD: No, that song didn’t make it into the Dum Dum Girls canon, though all that followed did. Next up was “Mercury Mary” which was on the first Hozac 7″. I played it at our first show with a backing track of drums and bass, Charles from Crocodiles on keyboard, and Brandon (also of Crocodiles) on guitar. I wore a mask and was so nervous. Someone told me it sounded like trashed Blondie, which excited me.

C: Could you play it now?
DD: If I had five minutes to look up the key. It was about poisoning your lover.

C: Would you want to?
DD: Yes, I miss some of those real early songs…they just didn’t translate to a full band.

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