A Note About MOURN

Today is MOURN’s sophomore LP release date, and it’s cause for celebration because it is truly a fantastic record and well worth the wait. While I’m not at liberty to discuss a lot of what I feel about has ensued since the band began work on the LP I do have some things to address because I’m dissatisfied with the amount of coverage that their situation seems to be getting. What does a young (17-20 year old) band want to do more than play their new music live and hear their music become more and more popular where they reside? You will notice today that their LP is not released in their own country of Spain. There are no tour dates posted. The band (who are amazing as a live act) are unable to promote their record in the best way possible, via playing shows and touring the world. In spite of getting offers to open for such prestigious acts as DIIV and Cymbals Eat Guitars, there are situations and disputes that have prevented such tours and a Spanish release from occurring. While I can’t make the decision of right and wrong about contractual or monetary disputes, I can say that nothing can be worth damaging a young career so full of promise, no matter how jilted or fractured a relationship can become. So I hope there is an amicable resolution soon, because this is a excellent record from an exciting band who really should be able to fulfill the demand that’s out there for them.  – Mike Sniper

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