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Tell me about Captured Tracks.

Founded in 2008, and named as the result of confusion around the title of the first Blank Dogs EP (fronted by founder Mike Sniper), Captured Tracks has grown into an unwavering Brooklyn institution of independent music.

What followed was a decade of revered releases from a roster that defined the label. Artists such as Wild Nothing, The Soft Moon, Beach Fossils, Mac DeMarco, DIIV, Craft Spells and more, all began their creative careers at the label and established a foundation both culturally and professionally for the second generation of new signings, including Chastity, B Boys, Lina Tullgren, Molly Burch, Drahla and Mourn.

With an ever-present ethos of building something from nothing, Captured Tracks has dedicated its output to championing new artists and bands with little-to-no official prior releases but an undeniable talent that inspires Mike and the team in the same way as the artists before them.

In their tenth year of existence, the label celebrates it’s 300+ releases to date and looks to the still-growing roster’s future ahead.

Can I send you my demo?

Captured Tracks has a 100% open demo policy. We look forward to listening to music from and by fans of our roster. That being said, we do have some guidelines.

1. We don’t want to sign bands that sound exactly like someone on our roster. “Sound” is not what we’re all about. We want solid material, good songs, energy, performance and potential. If you sound exactly like Blouse or DIIV, you’re probably really good, but we have a DIIV and a Blouse already. We’d rather you sound like a refreshing approach to (but not exactly like) The Move, The Flesh Eaters, early DEVO or Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam. Better yet, a combo of two of those, or something out of left field we weren’t expecting at all. If you are called REZO, dress in uniforms and invent a lexicon of terms and characters because we like DEVO and cover a DEVO song or a Beach Fossils song in a DEVO way, we won’t like it (but we will forward it to as many people we can).

2. We don’t care where you live or how old you are or if you’re addicted to battery acid, but we need our bands to tour. A lot.

3. Please do not have a manager or lawyer send us your demo. If you aren’t sending your own music you should re-think your strategy of approaching people you intend to work for a long time. Also, you might want to wait to get a manager until you need one, just our two cents.

4. We do not do one off 7″s, EPs or LPs with bands between labels or ones trying to maneuver to a larger one.

5. Our current policy is to work with brand new talent. As a result, it’s unlikely we’ll sign you if you have significant prior releases. A few 7″s or a cassette is ok. An LP is unlikely unless it was under the radar and we repress it (see: Naomi Punk.) Yes, we do work with “new” artists who have performed in other bands/under different names (see: Mac DeMarco, Chris Cohen.)
If you checked off those five important elements, here’s how to send your demo to us:

1. The best way is to send a few select MP3s to

2. The 2nd best way is a link to a SoundCloud, BandCamp, etc. or a YouTube vid if you’re extra ambitious and made a DIY video.

3. The 3rd “ok” way is to send a physical demo, but we prefer 1 or 2 because it’s less expensive for you, more environmentally responsible and it’s easier for us to click on links or play an MP3.

More Stuff Not To Do (Sorry):

1. Don’t send us something to download. We will not download any materials.

2. Do not send large files like .wav’s or .aiff’s. We can tell if we like it as an mp3, we swear.

We do listen to every single demo we receive, but be patient as we receive many. We try to offer some opinions or encouragement when we have time, but if you don’t here from us for a while, it’s safe to assume we’re not interested for the time being. Typically, we only have one or two roster slot open at any given time. Don’t let that discourage you from finding another label or trying again later!

Who do I contact about mail orders?

Firstly, thank you for ordering from Captured Tracks, we’re always trying to improve our customer service and shipping. Your order should have a shipping confirmation within a few days, but please wait a few days for the order to process if you don’t receive it immediately. This is especially true with a new release or after a holiday. We are closed on weekends, so please allow until Monday or Tuesday for a response if you make an inquiry on the weekend. As our mail orders are fulfilled by Omnian Music Group, the proper email for store-related items is:

Before emailing: Please check your inbox/spam folder for a receipt from us or PayPal with an order or shipping confirmation. If you ordered via PayPal, check the transaction to see if a Shipping Confirmation # is listed. If you ordered a domestic Media Mail item, please note that it can take up to two weeks to arrive, especially during periods of high volume shipping like holidays.

Returns: Omnian Music Group accepts returns ONLY for items that are defective, damaged, or incorrect. If you receive an item that has one of these issues, or you are missing merchandise, please email Some issues may require photo verification.

What not to do: Do not use our social media to contact us about an order. If your order is missing, we understand the frustration, but our social media is not run by the shipping manager. Better to contact the person who can help you directly.

My download card doesn't work? Help!

We have migrated our download redemption to Bandcamp. However, there are some old download cards still out there. First, try to redeem at Bandcamp:

If that doesn’t work, email and they will assist you.

Can I intern at Captured Tracks?

We frequently need in-house and remote (Graphic Design) interns. Email resumes to if you’re interested in interning with us. While we can’t offer pay for our interns beyond a stipend, we’ve hired a number of people from internships and other interns of ours have gone on to work at other labels, press companies, etc.

How do I book a Captured Tracks band?

Most of our bands have booking agent(s) for each territory at any given time. Please check their respective Artist Pages on this site.

If you’d like to book a label-oriented festival or party, or a Staff-related DJ night, email



Captured Tracks Staff

Mike Sniper ∙ Label Founder

Jane Abernethy ∙ Managing Director

Pamela Garavano-Coolbaugh ∙ Label Manager

Dave Martin ∙ Head of Physical

Matt Brinkworth ∙ Head of Digital

Rachel Nigro ∙ Project Manager

Gabrielle Redmond ∙ Project Manager

Chris Pappas ∙ Product Manager

Josh Burgess ∙ Marketing Consultant

Mandy Freebairn ∙ Community Manager

Adam Gerrard ∙ Director of Business Affairs and Finance

Jacky Tran ∙ Artist Relations and Royalties Manager

Jeremy Sosville ∙ Warehouse and Customer Service Manager

David Mould ∙ Shipping and Customer Service

Patrick Fernandes ∙ Design and Layout

Ryan McCardle ∙ Design and Layout

Natalie Miano ∙ In House Publicist