Bored Games

Artist Bio:

Flying Nuns and Captured Tracks re-issue Bored Games’ 1982 EP Who Killed Colonel Mustard. Released the same year as the Dunedin Double, it introduced the music of a 17-year-old Shayne Carter, who would later go on to form the DoubleHappys and Straitjacket Fits.

In the tradition of many great bands, Bored Games formed while attending high school and debuted at the schools talent contest in 1979. They went on to play a show supporting Toy Love. Featuring Carter as the vocalist, the band included the likes of Wayne Elsey (The Stones, DoubleHappys), Terry Moore (The Chills) as well Fraser Batts, Jonathan Moore and Jeff Harford. The band broke up in 1981 before Who Killed Colonel Mustard was released. However, they left behind 4 catchy tracks, packed with teenage angst manifested in early punk stylings. Now re-mastered as part of Record Store Day 2014, the release is limited to 1000 copies and includes an insert of previously unseen photos.


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Flying Nun Records are pleased to announce the first ever re-issue of the Shayne Carter and Peter Jefferies 1986 collaborative 7”, Randolph’s Going Home.

Featuring two tracks written by Shayne Carter (Bored Games, Straitjacket Fits, Doublehappys) and Peter Jefferies (This Kind of Punishment, Nocturnal Projections), the A-Side was Carter’s first recording following the sudden, tragic death of his Doublehappy’s band mate and friend Wayne Elsey. “Randolph’s Going Home” is a gentle, heartfelt nod from Carter to Elsey mixed with Peter Jefferies’ clattering punk sound. His addition provides something that is both sonically quirky and strangely structured, that, combined with the emotional sentiments, have made this song so enduring. The B-side, “Hooked, Lined and Sunken,” is equally haunting. Limited to 1000 copies.