Artist Bio:

The Skeptics were a post-punk noise band from Palmerston North, New Zealand active from 1979-1990. During their existence as a band they released 4 albums, an EP and 10″ single before disbanding in 1990. While working on Amalgam in 1989, David D’Ath learned that he had leukemia. D’Ath never got to see the finished product, which is cited to be a tribute to David.

It shows Skeptics at their best: dark and brooding with a wall of noise created by the band’s unique talent and adaptation of early sampling technology. Amalgam is all encompassing.




Re-issued on 12″ vinyl, CD, and digital by Flying Nun and Captured Tracks in conjunction with Simon Ogston’s 80-minute documentary “Sheen of Gold”, which tells the complete and compelling story of Skeptics.

III showcases the band’s abrasive and haunting sound as well as their pioneering, embracing nature of early sampling technology in a time when jangle guitar pop was prominent on Flying Nun records. Despite being left-of-center, Skeptics III made an impact in New Zealand due to the controversial video for “AFFCO”, named after a meat work company in the North Island. The video shows graphic footage of an animal slaughter house and was banned from national television.

​III is now reissued and remastered on 12″ vinyl, CD, and digital by Flying Nun and Captured Tracks.