Artist Bio:

Snapper’s self-titled EP is packed with dark, spaced-out pop jams. The Dunedin band’s debut was released in 1988 with the 12″ quickly going out of print.

This limited 12″ vinyl re-issue is an exact replica of the release and comes with a copy of the original A3 Snapper EP poster.

Snapper, the brainchild of Peter Gutteridge (founding member of The Clean, and The Chills), quickly became known for their swirling walls of distorted guitar and keyboards. Opening with the hypnotic organ jam “Buddy”, the Snapper EP captures them in all their space-freak-out glory.

Or as the original press release put it “It’s bad guitars finding a groove and digging it deep as it’ll go. A big insistent beat that proves repetition aint always synonymous with monotony all tempered with an ever-present pop sensibility.”