Sneaky Feelings

Artist Bio:

Filled with lush pop harmonies and southernpsychedelia, Send You saw the Sneaky Feelings expand their songwriting and sonic ambition beyond their early four track recordings. In comparison to some of their label mates the Sneaky Feelings exhaled a lighter, Byrds-like, touch but still retained the distinctive feel of many on the Flying Nun roster. With three band members (Matthew Bannister, David Pine and Martin Durrant) each contributing engaging songs to the album, Send You remains one of the great Flying Nun releases.

​This deluxe edition gives a further detailed look at the band’s early material, with the album expanded to include a remastered version of Send You, plus songs from 1985’s 7″, Husband House EP, and bonus tracks from their 1990 session at Dunedin’s Radio1, which was featured on an earlier expanded CD release.






“Over the years there has been a lot of talk about the so-called ‘Dunedin sound.’ Dunedin’s Sneaky Feelings were a band whose ambitions and interests went much wider than any generic sound; they would even come to be regarded as something of an anomaly on Flying Nun, home to the Dunedin sound. And yet their first album seemed to epitomize that sound, whatever it was.

One of the first long-players released on the fledgling label, Send You was emblematic….it will jangle forever as one of New Zealand’s essential albums.” -Extract from Nick Bollinger’s Send You liner notes