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Wetdog, an indie pop trio whose gritty, puckish tunes give a nod to Lung Leg, Huggy Bear, and the Raincoats, formed in the spring of 2007 around the talents of guitarist Rivka Gillieron (formerly of Reverend Pike & the Ghosts), drummer Sarah Datblygo (also of the Ghosts), and bassist Billy Easter. Initially based in England, the band’s debut long-player, Enterprise Reversal, came out on Angular Records one year later. Wetdog’s sophomore effort, Frauhaus, was released in 2009, on the U.S.-based label Captured Tracks. After touring America a few times, the band went on hiatus. Though the members worked on other projects – including Easter’s other band, Shopping, and Gillieron’s career as an author and editor – they also completed a set of new songs over the course of four years. The results were Divine Times, which Upset the Rhythm released in May 2015.


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