Becca Mancari Announces ‘Juniata’ EP, Shares New Single “Annie”

Today, Becca Mancari announces her forthcoming digital EP, Juniata, out March 19 via Captured Tracks. Along with the announcement, Mancari shares “Annie”, a nostalgic tune reminiscent of old Hollywood film soundtracks, featuring a lush strings quintet. Confronting one’s past doesn’t always end in a fiery explosion – sometimes, acceptance has the quiet strength of water. Mancari knows this; it’s why she chose to name her new EP Juniata​, after the rural Pennsylvania river where she spent much of her childhood. In this new collection, she returns to her past both literally and figuratively, casting new light with a stripped-down selection of some of her sophomore album’s most haunting tracks. 

” I grew up watching 1950’s and 60’s movies that my grandma would record for us because we didn’t have TV growing up. The thing that I loved the most about these old films was the music… it was a time period where it felt almost appropriate to be a little dramatic in this lush orchestral fashion. So when I wrote “Annie” I wanted to harken back to that time of feeling like you were swept up into a dance.

Though there is no shortage of formidable lyricism on ​Juniata’s t​racks, listening to the EP recalls another line from ​The Greatest Part:​“ ​Do you know your body anymore?”​ she asked on “I’m Sorry.” “​Does it haunt you every night?​” Exposing oneself isn’t easy, especially with the whole world watching. But as Mancari confidently peels back the layers of her songwriting to reveal their gut-wrenching core, one gets the sense that she isn’t feeling so haunted anymore.

Juniata will be released on March 19. Pre-order/save here. 

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