Craft Spells ‘Gallery’ Unveiled

Today, the new Craft Spells single, “Still Left With Me,” premiered on Pitchfork. This is the first glimpse at Justin Vallesteros’ new EP Gallery, out May 15th.


Mike Dupar writes, “Emanating an optimism that originates as much from Justin Vallesteros’ catharsis as it does from his youthful infatuation with uncertainty, Gallery confidently meanders an evolution in Craft Spell’s sound. Gallery fully embodies the contentedness that comes with being home once assured of the worlds infinite possibilities. Speckles of 80’s synth pop and drum loops remain the nostalgic centerpiece, representing familiarity, while Vallesteros illuminates himself as more comfortable venturing outward into the abyss of song-writing. Upon shedding the shackles of insecurity, Gallery unearths a resonating versatility amidst the further crafting of Vallesteros’ cosmic disco.”

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