HXXS announce debut album, ‘Year Of The Witch’

Today the glitchy, pop duo HXXS shares their first single “Learner” off their forthcoming album Year of the Witch, out October 18 via Captured Tracks. 

Watch lyric video HERE!

Order ‘Year Of The Witch’ now: https://hxxs.ffm.to/yearofthewitch.vlb

“‘Learner’ is about adaptability and looking within yourself to do whatever you need to do in order to survive. A mantra for moving forward. Whether the devil is inside of you, or someone else. Coming to terms and being able to see that and adapt as necessary as part of survival.” 


Year Of The Witch was born in transit. In the interest of self-sufficiency, HXXS – aka Jeannie Colleene and Gavin Neves – initially recorded their debut album during a six month tour spent living out of their van working their 2018 EP MKDRONE. After their initial roadside recordings were complete, the hard drive containing them was stolen. HXXS were forced to re-record the entire LP on a time crunch, largely from memory. But necessity bred invention, and this loss created a sense of sonic urgency that only strengthens the tracks. As with much of the art created in the wake of the 2016 presidential election, Year Of The Witch sizzles with the fresh sting of political anguish. Instead of firing off platitudes about a nation divided, however, Neves and Colleene choose to look inward at how this divide affects familial relationships. The result is a sonic roadmap to resilience: electronic noise punk for the fake news generation. Built on haunting loops and frantic, insistent vocals, YOTW navigates uneasiness with razor-sharp precision.

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