Introducing: THUS LOVE

We are so pleased to announce the signing of Brattleboro trio THUS LOVE with the release of their first single, “Inamorato.” Self-recorded at their home in Vermont, the song serves as a timely and triumphant introduction to the post-punk band: a tale of refusing to give into dark thoughts even when facing the grimmest of circumstances.

Listen to “Inamorato” here:

Bound by circumstance, identity, and creative spirit, three trans multi-instrumentalists founded THUS LOVE in 2018 in Brattleboro, Vermont. But the shared experience of Echo Mars (she/her), Lu Racine (he/they), and Nathaniel van Osdol (they/them) runs much deeper, tracing its roots to poor, rural towns where it was difficult to find communities to call their own. That feeling of loss and solitary longing has also, paradoxically, cemented their powerfully close connection in THUS LOVE.

“For us, THUS LOVE is much more than a band. We all came from small towns without many people like us, and it wasn’t until we arrived in Brattleboro and started playing music together that we found a community to truly call our own.”

Musically, THUS LOVE combines their love of post-punk with a loose, eclectic experimental streak that owes as much to van Osdol’s jazz collection as it does to Mars’ classical training as a cellist. The band is unafraid to tackle weighty themes with startling intimacy and vulnerability—and with a goal of amplifying the voices of those who continue to struggle.

Catch THUS LOVE at these upcoming shows:
March 9-13 – The New Colossus Festival – New York, NY
April 2 – Nectars w/Guy Ferrari – Burlington VT
April 7 – Hawks and Reed w/Guerilla Toss – Greenfield MA
May 13 – May 15 – Walking Windows Festival – Winooski VT

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