JayWood shares new single “Shine” ft. McKinley Dixon

Today, JayWood shares his new single “Shine,” featuring McKinely Dixon. It’s possibly the darkest moment on the album, written the night George Floyd was murdered.

Listen to “Shine”: https://jaywood.ffm.to/shine.vlb

I don’t think I’ve ever really felt activated or militant as much as I did the summer of 2020,” says Haywood-Smith. “It was an exhausting time but I wanted to try to do something to commentate on everything that was happening. As soon as the idea came to make a hip hop song I knew I had to get McKinley on it. The way he writes is so wild, I felt inspired to do something on that level as well.

JayWood‘s new album Slingshot is out on July 15thFeeling disconnected from his past and ancestry after the death of a parent, JayWood made a conscious effort to better understand his identity and unique Black experience living in the predominantly white province of Manitoba. Through a year of self-reflection and reconnection with his roots, JayWood has made the biggest leap forward by simply looking back. Slingshot is a self-portrait of JayWood at his surface and his depths, merging fantasy scenarios, personal anecdotes, and infectious pop and dance instrumentals. 

Pre-save ‘Slingshot’: https://jaywood.ffm.to/slingshot.vlb

Slingshot is available for pre-order now, including the Captured Tracks exclusive orange crush vinyl edition.

Pre-order ‘Slingshot’: https://www.omnianmusicgroup.com/products/slingshot-pre-order

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