JayWood – ‘Some Days’ EP Out Now!

Today marks the release of Some Days by Winnipeg native JayWood, the newest artist on the Captured Tracks roster! What started as a bedroom recording project of sad jangle-pop songs, evolved into the psych-funk approach present on JayWood’s latest effort, Some Days – his debut release on Captured Tracks. Written and originally recorded in 2015, the EP Some Days was born of a time of compounding transitions in Haywood-Smith’s life. The end of a long-term relationship, a shift in social circles, and an impending move found Haywood-Smith grappling with self-identity. It also presented the rare moment of a fresh start.

“It’s been really nice reconnecting with a younger version of myself through this EP, I hope he’s stoked”

Listen to first single “Some Days” here: https://jaywood.ffm.to/somedays.vlb

Listen to the Some Days EP here: https://jaywood.ffm.to/somedaysep.vlb

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