JayWood’s New Record ‘Slingshot’ is Out Now!

JayWood‘s new album Slingshot is out now! Feeling disconnected from his past and ancestry after the death of a parent, JayWood made a conscious effort to better understand his identity and unique Black experience living in the predominantly white province of Manitoba. Through a year of self-reflection and reconnection with his roots, JayWood has made the biggest leap forward by simply looking back. Slingshot is a self-portrait of JayWood at his surface and his depths, merging fantasy scenarios, personal anecdotes, and infectious pop and dance instrumentals. 

“This album felt like I was making something that I would want my younger self to hear.”

Listen to ‘Slingshot’: https://jaywood.ffm.to/slingshot.vlb

Slingshot is available to order on vinyl or CD: https://www.omnianmusicgroup.com/products/slingshot-pre-order
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