Juan Wauters returns today with the brand new ‘Limbo’ EP, a collection of bonus tracks from his album ‘Wandering Rebel’ which released earlier this year! Other than lead single ‘P.O.V.’, the tracks on ‘Limbo’ are thoughtful reinterpretations of key tracks from ‘Wandering Rebel’. A lively, full – band version of “Mensaje Codificado” offers an upbeat take on one of the album’s most pensive tracks, while English versions of ‘Milanesa al Pan’ and ‘Nube Negra’ and a Spanish version of ‘Modus Operandi’ offer Wauters’ multilingual fanbase a new opportunity to consider his poignant lyricism.

Listen: “Limbo”: https://juanwauters.ffm.to/limbo.vlb


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