Martin Newell – The Off White Album Reissue Out Now!

Today, orders start shipping out for The Off White Album reissue, Martin Newell’s acclaimed 1995 release. A longtime fan of French music, he sought the same quality on this record – with the vocal riding at the top of the mix, rather than blurred under indie-rock guitars, as was common at the time.

“‘The Off White Album’ was my second solo album. Made in the afterglow of ‘The Greatest Living Englishman’ album, it now seems like a quieter but cleverer sister to its ringleted predecessor.” 

Alongside the release, comes a new performance from Martin Newell of the classic “Miss Van Houten’s Coffee Shoppe”, shot live from Martin’s living room. Martin also took some time to chat about the history behind The Off White Album after the performance, with videographer James Sharp.


Order ‘The Off White Album’ here –

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