Molly Burch Emotion/needy 7″ Out Now!

Austin singer and songwriter Molly Burch – whose voice has been called “unforgettable” by GQ, “one of rock’s best” by the FADER, and “vibrant and warm” by Pitchfork – returns this new year with “Emotion” produced by labelmate Wild Nothing aka Jack Tatum. 

In January 2020, Burch headed to Tatum’s hometown of Richmond, Virginia, looking to write new material with a distinct pop sound and production in mind. Sharing some of her latest demos and a playlist of her favorite pop bangers with Tatum, they set out to make a heart-pumping dance track of their own. On “Emotion”, Burch’s voice is as strong and masterful as ever, pairing a lighter, polished vocal performance – a surprising, but captivating departure from her signature smoky delivery – with Tatum’s compelling bass lines, beats, and shimmering synths. In addition to the release of “Emotion,” Burch announces her new 7” including “Emotion” (A side) and pure pop bliss cover of Ariana Grande’s “needy” (B side) out January 15. Order here.

Working with Jack was a dream. It was a new experience co-writing with someone and he made it really comfortable for me. I knew I wanted to transition into more of a pop sound and production, and I had already been working on new music that reflected that. When it came to this co-write, I wanted to go even more pop than what I was working on. I sent Jack my demos and a playlist of strictly fun dance songs by artists like Dua Lipa, Ciara, and Mark Ronson. We were both down to just push it to that level. For me, the theme of the song is about feeling a spectrum of emotions, embracing that sensitivity, and using it as fuel to create something positive. “Emotion” is a celebration of being alive.” 

To compliment her newfound pop stylings, Burch adds a burst of color in her animated video for “Emotion” created by Korean illustrator and animator Inji Seo. Inspired by tarot cards, Seo brings the song to life in this vertical format with a cosmic world of colors.

Listen to ‘Emotion’ here –

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