Molly Burch releases ‘Daydreamer’

Molly Burch releases her stunning new album ‘Daydreamer’! This album, produced by Jack Tatum (Wild Nothing), is Molly’s most introspective work to date, drawing inspiration from a poignant return to Molly’s childhood diaries. Renowned for her captivating vocals and vivid depictions of love and loss, Molly takes on a new form in ‘Daydreamer’, focusing on the relationship she has with herself as well as the personal highs and lows that inform her self-identity.

There are Japanese city pop inspirations, horns, strings, and more ballads, with a throughline of Molly’s shimmering vocals taking center stage. The result is music that feels stirring and sweeping, pulling in sounds and influences of the past, while also propelling Burch into a further development of herself as an artist.

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