The expanded edition of Kate Fagan’s cult classic ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Too Cool’ is out now!

The expanded, re-mastered edition of I Don’t Wanna Be Too Cool is out now! In the early ‘80s, Kate Fagan took the Chicago punk rock scene by storm with her self-released single, and in 2016 we reissed the coveted 7”, which quickly sold out.The expanded edition features four additional unreleased, ahead-of-their-time tracks, originally composed for Kate Fagan’s rock opera The Kissing Concept, a semi-autobiographical love story inspired by the ‘70s/’80s nightclub scene that Fagan had explored during her time in New York.

I Don’t Wanna Be Too Cool (Expanded Edition) is available to order on vinyl or CD. The milky clear vinyl is limited to 1500 copies, and based on how quickly the original 2016 7″ reissue sold out, you’ll wanna get your hands on one of these ASAP.

Listen + Order ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Too Cool’:

 “The idea of ‘cool’ seemed shallow to me, cheap, store-bought, and manipulated. My song responded with a whoop, plucky bass line and a heavy backbeat. The lyrics are meant to poke fun at elements of what was becoming hip in the celebutante era.”

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