Watch Juan Wauters New Video “Water”

Juan again teamed up with long term friend and collaborator Matthew Volz to sculpt their latest visual extravaganza for ‘Water’. Filmed on location in Montevideo, Uruguay Volz and Wauters offer a glimpse into the weird and wonderful.

Volz writes…

This video by Matthew Volz is a tribute to Montevideo and its people’s state of mind. In it, you will see Juan interacting with the beautiful traditions of his motherland, showcasing monuments of his favorite historical figures and architectural landmarks. This video also features cameos from two of Juan’s musical heroes – Nico Barcia and Ruben Rada – as well as Uruguayan Rock & Roll musician Dinimita Pereda. Enjoy! Abrazo grande a Fabrizio Gambetta, Mateo Tómacoquita (salís por un segundo cuando estoy tocando afuera de la escuela, te agarré!) y uno muy especial a Margot de ‘Lo de Margot,’ la milonga mas linda de todo Montevideo, por la amabilidad de dejarnos estar ahí.

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